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Remembering passwords is the most difficult thing for most of us. This is mostly because we are using many websites for different purposes. We use websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail and much more social media and other websites, they all require different logins that we put on them.

We cannot keep the same password for every website. that would be a severe threat for our websites. So we keep a different password for different websites. But the question is how do we remember all the passwords that we keep for different sites.

So, here is a tool that will help you save all the passwords at one place and it will be useful when you log in every time for different websites.

Get RoboForm for free

RoboForm for Browser

You can use RoboForm for your chrome or Safari or any other laptop browser simply by adding an extension for your browser from the AppStore.

Once you signup to the RoboForm(it is absolutely free), you can add all your logins into your RoboForm. and install the RoboForm plugin into your browser plugins. and everything is taken care of by the RoboForm.

RoboForm for Mobile Devices

You can also download the RoboForm application from your mobile AppStore and within a single click you can log in to any of your websites without even typing any passwords.

After installing the application into your smartphone, log in to the RoboForm and all the logins saved in the RoboForm will be viewable in your smartphone.

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